Organisations and Contacts

Shackleford has a wealth of organisations – there’s always something going on. Here are the contact details of some of them, and there’s a bit more info on the following pages (just follow the links). If you run something and would like to have it added please e-mail us.

Friends of Shackleford Chairman: Paul McKeown
Churches Heritage Trust Chairman: Dick Hazeu 01483 417077
Shackleford Parish Council Chairman: Bridget Carter-Manning 01252 702120
Shackleford Cricket Club Captain: Anthony Hopkin 01483 415624
Shackleford Village Fete Co-ordinator: David Sowerbutts
Shackleford Village Hall Bookings: Shackleford Village Hall
Aldro School Events School Office: Sheridan Charles 01483 810266
Parish Magazine Editor: Chris Bell 01483 810257
Village Shop & Post Office Manager: Shop Manager 01483 810358
 Village website Editor: David Sowerbutts