Fire and floods

eashingfireNaturally, Eashing is very prone to flooding. In 1968 the River Wey overflowed and burst its banks, and the river flowed through The Stag, while Bill and Jean Webb watched helplessly.

Lizzie Newman (nee Denyer) of the National Trust Cottage in Lower Eashing recalled similar, but worse, scenes around 1900 (1905?) when, as a young girl, she had to stay upstairs for several days in her bedroom until the floods subsided. When she came down there was a layer of mud everywhere downstairs and a frog hopping round the living room. Her father ran a cycle repair shop in Lower Eashing – ‘Denyers’. Lizzie was one of about ten or eleven Denyer children.

More unusually, there was once a great fire at the mill, and the newspapers covered this as well (photo above)