The parish of Shackleford is a comparatively modern creation. Until 1866 it was a tithing (a sub-division) of the larger parish of Godalming and the inhabitants had to go into the town to attend church. Along with Milford, Busbridge and Farncombe it was split from the mother parish and a new church was built. The village itself, however, is much older with some of the houses surviving from medieval times.

Because Shackleford was a part of the manor of Godalming upon which the ancient ecclesiastical parish was based the history of some of the properties can be traced using the records of the manor courts.

Many people have kindly supplied details of their houses and some are here as they appeared for sale in the Surrey Advertiser. Either way, they help to build up a picture of the development of our villages over the centuries. Some entries, especially those in Eashing where the Domestic Buildings Research Group has surveyed many of the houses, have so much detail they could arguably be in ‘Shackleford Past’ – but as people still live in them they’re very much a part of the present.

Tim Hopkin has made a Shackleford OS Map with all the houses named on it. He has also made a wonderfully detailed map for Google Earth, but it can’t be uploaded here for security reasons. If you’d like to see it please contact us.

If your house is not here or you have a photo or a snippet to add please contact us here.

Houses are grouped alphabetically:

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