John Hassell’s 1822 watercolours

John Hassell (c. 1767-1825) was a watercolour landscape painter, engraver, illustrator, writer, publisher and drawing-master. Among his interests was travelling the country to paint local buildings and scenes, some of which are reproduced here.

1. Shackleford Court House is probably what is now known as Home Farm, The Street. The core of Home Farm is still this original building.

court house shackleford 1822 -  probably now Home Farm in The Street - J Hassell








2. The Parsonage, Peper Harow is now known as Mulberry House, Peper Harow Lane. It was burnt during the incumbency of Dr. Mead, and most of the parish records were lost.

peper harow parsonage revd. ellis 1822 -  J Hassell

3. This lodge gate entrance to Peper Harow Park no longer exists.

lodge gate entrance to peper harow park -  J Hassell

4. Note the spire on St Nicholas Church, soon to be replaced with a tower. 

st nicholas church peper harow 1822 - J Hassell







5. This painting is inscribed ‘The Court House Peper Harrow, formerly the Old Parsonage’, but it was mis-named by Hassel . It’s actually the village shop.

court house peper harow 1822 - formerly the Old Parsonage - J Hassell