Farming in Shackleford, Norney and Peper Harow

Farming was an important part of Shackleford until comparatively recently, many of the cottages dotted around the village being former farm-workers accommodation. The Buers’ farm in Norney has a long history and was formerly part of the Midletons’ Peper Harow Estate. It was known as a model farm, with farmers coming from far and wide to learn how the Buers achieved their high yields. Meanwhile the Stovolds had their champion herd of Rosemead cattle at Lydling and later Cross Farm.

Going further back, the buildings of which the village shop is one probably formed a farm long ago as the shop was almost definitely a hay barn, and Glebe Farm in Peper Harow Lane was part of the complex with the cottages alongside, farmed until the latter half of the 20th century by the Hewitts.

Come back next month to see a selection of farming photos from Norney Farm and Cross Farm taken in the 20th century, with thanks to Angus Stovold and Buster Buer who supplied them.