Shackleford House as Barnados









Kingsworthy was originally the east wing of Shackleford House and was split either in 1958 or 1965 (accounts differ).

Prior to this the house had been owned by a Mr MacAndrew, a director of Dr Barnardo’s Homes; he gave it to the charity in 1946 and it was used until 1960 as one of their boys’ homes. In summer Mr MacAndrew used to judge the boys’ allotments, giving a prize of 2/6 (12.5 pence) for the best one, and at Christmas he gave them prizes if they knew the names of all the rigging, etc. in ships. In 1960 it re-opend as a training school for girls and closed finally in 1964. The  photo shows one of their garden parties.

During 1944-45 it briefly housed Canadian troops preparing for the D-Day landings in Normandy (See The Rodeo for other Canadian activities in Shackleford).

Mr & Mrs Asser lived here from 1977 until 1993, and the Zorabs until 2013.