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godalming review cover aug 1935

Godalming Review, August 1935

godalming review shack womens institute aug 1935

Shackleford WI picnic, 1935










Dear David

Sometime ago our daughter Di obtained a copy of an old local magazine published in 1935 as a present for my mother in law. I enclose the front page so you can see what it was. The second attachment is page 14 of the magazine and includes an entry about Shackleford womens institute. In there you will see mentioned a Miss Knights who was almost certainly the Miss (Emmie) Knights who was the village postmistress in the 1950s through I think to the early 1960s and lived in the house where you are now (Headlands). The Mrs Williamson or her family from “Charnwood” was I think still there in the late 1950s as I used to deliver the newspapers there then and I recall the name. Miss Hadaway lived at Hurtmore in the mid 1950s in a house on the left between Step house where Danny Hewitt lives and the Robins and Day junction. I know this since as children at Shackleford school then we were taken there to entertain Miss Hadaway with country dancing etc.

the Hadaway family grave is in Shackleford churchyard. All this makes me feel a bit elderly!! It is of interest to note that in the same magazine mention is made of the opening of the new Odeon cinema in Ockford Road and note the G D Brown advert , the premises of which have changed little.

Hope this is of some interest.

Sincere regards

Geoff (Young)