The Denyers of Eashing

The Denyers were a long-established family in Eashing: they lived in the white cottage by the bridge. Two of Josiah Denyer’s relations have been kind enough to supply information relation to their family, and the emails are reproduced below and on other pages.

The first is from Steven Wright, great-grandson of Josiah Denyer who worked at Eashing Mill in the late 1800s.

“I have a couple of questions, you mention a Lizzie Newman (nee Denyer) and that her father ran ‘Denyers’ cycle repairs, you wouldn’t happen to know what his name was?

I mentioned Josiah in my last letter, Josiah also had a son called Josiah who worked as a cycle repairman, however he was a bachelor and died without children to my knowledge, I do know that he moved in with his sister Blanche Amelia, who was married to a Frederick Jones, who I think you may have listed in the Families of interest Section, the birth and death dates that you have for him (Fred) tie up with the dates that I have as well. Also Josiah Jnr had a brother called Francis known as Frank and he lived in Wales with his wife Alice,and I know that she is buried in Trebrefydd.

Josiah Jnr also worked at Charter House School, and is credited with the discovery of a new species of plant, a ‘Golden Samphire’, his nephew Rodney, a son of Blanche and Fred Jones was a master at Charter House as well.

I also have a book of photos taken by Josiah Jnr of Eashing and the surrounding area, at the start of the 1900’s, Jo’s also buried in Shackleford Church yard, along with Blanche his sister.

I cannot however find out where Lizzie fits in, I cannot find in the records a Lizzie as a daughter for Jo, my Grandfather, Jo Jnr’s youngest brother Gustave (Stan to everyone) never listed any children for him, and I cannot find any records for a Lizzie or Elizabeth marrying a Newman, perhaps Lizzie was a nickname, do you have any more info on her?

I mentioned my Great Grandfather, he was born in Eashing, and ended up in the Army, fought in WWI, recieved the MC twice and other citations, was one of only 10 men to stay with his battalion for the duration of the war, was battlefield commissioned, went over the top one day with a 1000 men of his battalion and was one of only 200 left standing a few hours later, served in India, before finally coming back to the UK, and retiring a Captain near Colchester, did quite well seeing as he got fired from the railway as a youngster, for bunking work and getting found out (reason he joined the army, coupled with a big falling out with his elder brother and getting chucked out his house), so had quite a colourful life.

Any help on Lizzie would be most appreciated, likewise I have lots more info on the Denyers, and some info on other families from the area, if you are interested.

Have a happy New Year