Wey Cottage, Eashing

This particular building probably dates back to the eighteenth century, though there was a building on this site in the sixteenth century. It was the home of the blacksmith whose forge was higher up the street.

Wey Cottage is a one-room plan Bargate stone cottage that has been enlarged by the addition of a room on the west end. Originally it would have been one and a half stories high with an end inside chimney stack. Later the roof was raised and an outshot was added at the back with a stair turret.

The walls are of Bargate stone with brick quoins, the bricks being set one long under and one short alternating. The added higher walls are clad in tiles – two rows plain and two rows bull-nosed. The bedroom windows are in dormers through the wall-plate.

The original front door was centrally placed, between the windows and under the spine beam. There is a straight joint straight through the walls of the old house. The addition is of similar stone but the quoins are in twos.

It is thought that there had always been attic storage and that the stair would have been beside the hearth to the room under the roof. The thick stone walls give short walls for this room. The outshot is added.

A little house of somewhat similar build is Squirrel Cottage in Compton where the lower walls are also of stone with brick quoins; the dimensions are comparable.

Small cottages built of local materials and originally of one room plan are seldom recognised in the county. They make a valuable addition to the local history of the village

By kind invitation of the owner Mrs C Tense

Recorded by Cecilia Green and Joan Harding, , DBRG, January 1980

Here are some photos from 1980

Here are the sketches made by Joan Harding on her site visit:

Eashing Wey Cottage south west

Eashing Wey Cottage north, sout, east and west

Eashing Wey Cottage plans and interior view