St Mary’s School, 1947-48


St Mary’s School, 1947-48

This photo of the 1947-48 class was kindly supplied by Maurice Dunning who used to live in Rokers Lane. Among the pupils pictured here are Padwick, Dunning, Ayleward, Terry, Robinson, Stewart, Boyd and McKay. Maurice Dunning is the 2nd from left in the middle row.

Why are there only boys? Would anyone be able to name the others?

St Mary's School 1947-48 (dunning)


“I lived on Rokers Lane next door to my aunt and uncle the Glaziers, and just above the McDougalls for whom I used to baby-sit. I was a great friend of David Stillwell who died whilst still young; his young brother was Tony, and we (they? Ed) used to live in Glebe Cottages next door to the Hewitts who invited all the kids from the farm labourers to watch TV (only on for a couple of hours a day then), and the postmaster was the only villager with a little Ford 10.”